Al Quihuis

Albert Quihuis is a native of Arizona and the proud father of three sons and a daughter. During their childhood, he treasured the time he spent reading stories to them. Through his books, Al wants to help other children learn life's important lessons and principles.                                                                                     Sofia's Awesome Tamale Day  (Available in English or Spanish) The fragrance of tamales cooking at Christmas time is one of the most cherished memories of the holiday season. The aroma of spicy chili meat and corn steaming in huge pots signals a time for family gatherings— a simple time that brings peace, joy and love in an an otherwise hectic life. Readers, get ready for a walk into a cozy kitchen, and a family whose love for one another will envelop you as easily as the distinct frangrance of tamales draws you to the cherished memories of your own Christmas tamales.

The Search for the Lost Art of Making Tortillas

Come join Sofia and Pepe's adventure as they rediscover the lost art of making tortillas. Through her dreams with her ancestors and her commitment to help her grandmother, they travel to the festival of Zapopan and follow the path of the Jaguar to a secret cave hidden behind a waterfall to search for answers.

Isabela's Adventure

Sofia and Pepe ride out on horseback along the Santa Cruz River looking for Isabela's treasure at the old mission, the lost mine, and the presidio. Along the way Sofia discovers the real treasure of being proud of her family heritage and appreciating the sacrifices of her ancestors to give her a better life as the land changed from New Spain, to Mexico and finally the United States.

Sofia's Summer Adventure

It's summer and Sofia is headed off to the country to visit family. While there, Sofia learns about life on a farm, the richness of Latino/Mexican culture, and the fun of family traditions. Of course Pepe joins in on the adventure, making a scarecrow friend and showing his bravery when a surprise appears!

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