A Sailor's Diary in War and Peace

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If you are a history fan, you will love this book. It's about my experiences during World War II and covers every engagement from Wake Island, to the occupation of Nagasaki following the Atomic bombing of that city. Our mission then was to remove all P.O.Ws from that locality to Okinawa for further transfer to their respective countries.

After the war, I signed up for another three years which turned out to be a career of more than 28 years. I served on some 15 other ships with only three years of shore duty in all that time. I have sailed around the Horn of South America, through the Panama Canal several times, flown across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans twice and have met many high ranking officials and dignitaries from other countries.

On my last assignment, I had the opportunity to meet the Kennedy family during the commissioning of the U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, of which I was an original crew member. Having made its maiden voyage to the Mediterranean, I was piped over the side a year later and retired from the greatest Navy the world has ever known, and hope it will remain so.