Barbara Kass

Barbara Kass WHNP, MSN has been a specialist in women’s health for over 35 years. She has provided health care to thousands of women, worked as clinical instructor, and directed national and international women’s health-related training programs.

Barbara became a well-known lecturer and advocate for blending preventive and alternative health care practices into women’s health care which ultimately, lead to her writing educational materials and books including Say Goodbye to PMS, Natural Birth Control Made Simple, and The Fertility Awareness Handbook. Her medical textbook for health care professionals, Management of the Perimenopausal and Postmenopausal Woman: A Total Wellness Program was one of the first written to teach health care professionals about an integrative, holistic health approach to the care of menopausal women.

Barbara’s work evolved into her being in a position to evaluate the quality of health care being given to women and to teach hundreds of physicians, nurse practitioners, and physicians assistants. It was during these years that she often saw breast health being neglected.

The combination of her experiences in examining women with breast cancer, having several friends and colleagues diagnosed with breast cancer, and her commitment to quality women’s health care inspired Barbara to write Be Good to Your Breasts, The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer Prevention. Barbara’s ultimate goal? To help make Breast Health and Breast Cancer Prevention Education an important part of health care for women of all ages.

Be Good to Your Breasts, The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer Prevention

Be Good to Your Breasts, The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer Prevention  gives women the opportunity to learn about, and use, a life-changing and unique approach to breast cancer prevention. Through this groundbreaking book, women will learn about the special connections between the health of their breasts and the health of their immune and digestive systems (‘gut health’) and lifestyle, environment and genetics. They will learn how they can easily use these connections to create their own, personal Breast Health Plan - a plan that will not only help reduce their risk of breast cancer, but improve their health in many wonderful ways.

The book also offers women several approaches to making their Breast Health Plan work for them and to help them overcome challenges that may get in their way. Equally important is that the book offers women suggestions for ways they can work with their health care provider so that they can have the care they need and deserve.

In addition to its focus on breast cancer prevention, Be Good toYour Breasts gives women information about several common women’s health problems and other reproductive cancers. And finally, it gives them resources they can use to help not only themselves, but their families and communities.

All of the information included in the book has been carefully reviewed by Barbara Kass, WHNP, MSN a women’s health care specialist for over 35 years and one who is known for her national and international work and teaching and writing about preventive women’s health care. Given her extensive experience, Barbara has beautifully taken complex medical research and offered it to women in an enjoyable, positive, easy-to-use and easy ‘read’ approach.

“I’ve been waiting for a book to come along that my patients can use to help them sort out the correct from the incorrect information and be able to learn about breast health.  I’m relieved that I finally have such a book I can recommend.” Dr. Sharon Pushkin.


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