Barbara McNichol

Barbara McNichol has been an expert editor of nonfiction books and articles for more than two decades. She loves perfecting the prose of those she works with—passionate professionals committed to changing lives.

She’s changing lives, too, by helping authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs boost their persuasive writing skills through her Strengthen Everything You Write WordshopsTM. Reinforcing these Wordshops is this compilation of Word Trippers—troublesome word pairs that readers can trip over.

Word Trippers

Now in its 2nd edition, this fresh word choice guide features 390+ pesky pairings whose meanings are conveyed at a glance (or is it a glimpse?). It lets you quickly answer questions such as:

•   Should you use “fewer” or “less” when counting things?

•   When is “that” used instead of “which” in a sentence?

•   Can “famous” and “notorious” be interchanged?

   Do “convince” and “persuade” mean the same thing?

With this reference at hand, you won’t ever embarrass yourself or confuse your readers again. So don’t waste (or is it waist?) time wondering which word is best. Word Trippers makes it easy to choose the perfect word when it really matters!

Says Karen Wright, speaker, author: “Words are right up there with chocolate for me! There’s something scintillating in capturing the precise expression to convey my message. And there’s nothing more pedestrian than seeing the wrong use of a common word. For those who worship words like I do, you’ll fall in love with Barbara McNichol’s Word Trippers book. An avid student of language, she will make sure you never have foot-in-mouth disease again!”

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