Dr. Dennis G. Frederick

Dr. Dennis Frederick is the director of Tern Christian Counseling in Federal Way, Washington. He has more than 40 years of psychotherapeutic practice and international speaking experience, which contributes to the wealth of knowledge he provides. The men whom Dr. Denny Frederick counsels—church leaders, pastors, singles, husbands, and fathers—are from “normal” American homes, and they have a terrible, threatening secret: an addiction to pornography.

Conquering Pornography – Second Edition

Pornography is now a problem of pandemic proportions.

This timely and provocative book is intended for men who seriously want to overcome their addiction to pornography—no matter where they are today. The message is this: you are not alone; God wants you to live a life of freedom and peace. The chapters help readers achieve personal recovery as well as restoration of relationships with wives and children. 

By guiding the reader through the examination and recovery process, Dr. Frederick offers the reader hope of genuine transformation and renewed relationship with family and with God.


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