friendship-ing 2016

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Can men and women be friends? What is it they want from each other? With the single population at 44% and the divorce rate over 50%, it doesn’t seem the questions have been answered. There is an elephant in the room of opposite sex relationships that is creating confusion for men and women about who the other is, how to meet each other, and how to get to know one another without feeling rejected or getting their hearts involved too soon. Dating, the current cultural trend doesn’t seem to be working and has singles trapped in a social cycle that doesn’t provide the results they want.

Friendship-ing: A New Approach To Single Adult Relationships is not a how-to book, but rather it will challenge your personal belief system, provide information about subjects that plague singles that are not being talked about, and introduce a paradigm shift from a dating mentality to friendship-ing. It's about a new approach to your relationships that will remove the elephant from the room.