The Search for the Lost Art of Making Tortillas

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There is nothing quite like the aroma and taste of hot handmade tortillas. In only a few places in Mexico and Central America you may still find women soaking their own corn with cal, grinding masa on a metate (grindstone), and expertly patting out the dough between their palms and cooking them on a comal with an open fire.

Corn tortillas have been made the same way for over a thousand years. This tradition has been passed on to each generation.
In today’s modern society there is a need to make things faster, cheaper and more convenient, and as a result, making corn tortillas has become a lost art.

Come join Sofia and Pepe’s Adventure as they rediscover the lost art of making tortillas. Through her dreams with her ancestors and her commitment to help her grandmother, they will travel to the festival of Zapopan and follow the path of the Jaguar to a secret cave hidden behind a waterfall to search for answers.