Jayne Webster

Jayne Webster has lived in the Midwest, the mountains, and the desert, and has traveled extensively around the world. Along the way, she met many interesting people.

Being outgoing and social, Jayne becomes easily acquainted  with others. She has seen and heard beautiful stories about senior love. There is something unique about mature love ... it is special in every sense of the word.

Jayne has been happily single, mostly by choice, for many years, and most of her friends are also single. She has learned a great deal from her friends and acquaintances about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Because Jayne is a writer, many such lessons   are portrayed through the adventures of the characters in this book.

Jayne's previous publication, My Garden of Love was Filled with Bloomin' Idiots, portrays relatable relationship situations that are poignant, sometimes sad, often amusing, and always insightful.

Currently, Jayne divides her time between Colorado and Arizona, depending on the season. She devotes herself to writing, travel, and creative adventures with her many friends. Jayne also gives talks pertaining to life, love, and romance for people in their retirement years at senior centers, libraries, and retirement homes.

Sixty Shades of Gray Hair

Everyone enjoys a love story, and this collection of vignettes about life, love, and romance in retirement communities is certain to touch the hearts of all who read it.