Sixty Shades of Gray Hair

Sixty Shades of Gray Hair

  • $12.95

Everyone enjoys a love story, and this collection of vignettes about life, love and romance in retirement communities is certain to touch the hearts of all who read it.

Just because people are seniors does not mean they don’t need or desire love and companionship. They have learned many of life’s lessons and are willing to share their experiences.


“My mom lives in a retirement community and has seen and experienced some of the beautiful episodes portrayed in this wonderful collection of stories.”

~ Susan K.


“What an inspirational portrayal of love and life as a senior in a retirement community. It makes me eager to experience that lifestyle myself.”

~ Barbara J.


“I had always thought my golden years would be spent quietly in solitude, just waiting for the end. Af ter reading this book, however, I am going to seek out a retirement community, where I can enjoy my final years. Not only will I have access to new activities insuch a setting, but I might even be lucky enough to fall in love again.”

~ Bob G.