Kitty Chappell

Your first reaction when reading the writings of award-winning author Kitty Chappell, or listening to her as an international speaker, may be surprise. Surprise that an overcomer of a violently abusive childhood exudes such a transparent zest for life—comparing it with a joyful dance on the tips of her toes.  “Without God’s interaction at the core of my existence,” Kitty says, “life would not only be fearful, it would be downright meaningless! Living my life focused upon God is not a foot-dragging, stoop-shouldered, heavy-sighing spiritual obligation, nor is it a fearful score-keeping attempt to try and tip the scales of good deeds to outweigh the bad.”  Rather, Kitty admits, “walking with God is like joyfully dancing on the tips of my toes, wide-eyed and eager to see what each day brings—secure in the knowledge that everything is under control beneath the watchful eye of our Heavenly Father.

During many years of telling her story to women’s groups, Kitty Chappell met countless women who also struggled with forgiveness.


Soaring Above the Ashes on the Wings of Forgiveness

I finally realized that no matter how much I wanted to, I could not protect my family. Though I daydreamed of ways for us to escape, I knew it was impossible. Dad had warned us too many times to not go mouthing off to anyone about things that are none of their business, or I’ll put you all out of your misery.

The oldest of three, Kitty Chappell did her best to shield her brother and sister from their fathers abuse, but little could stand in the way of his beatings and vicious remarks. None of them escaped his brutality. As a well-respected family man in their Texas community in the 1950s, her father enjoyed a sure confidence in his control over his family. His assurance proved correct when he attacked her mother and turned friends against her, aiming shocking accusations at his wife and daughter. Everyone thought her father was wonderful including the jury that gave him the minimum sentence for trying to kill Kitty’s mother as she lay sleeping. Only three-and-a-half years for premeditated attempted murder! It just wasn’t fair.

Kitty loved God but disagreed with Him on the subject of forgiveness. Many people were in her corner, for who hasn’t debated this issue with God? She didn’t want to forgive, she wanted revenge! But as Kitty developed her relationship with Christ, she realized she needed to forgive the man who had caused her so much pain. Soaring Above the Ashes on the Wings of Forgiveness will keep you riveted to your seat with its twists and turns. You will be enraged and terrified with the author through her difficult journey. Ultimately, you will rejoice with her as she walks through the door of forgiveness and breathes in the fresh air of freedom. Soaring Above the Ashes on Wings of Forgiveness reveals Kitty's remarkable story of courage and faith and how she developed the attitude that enabled her to overcome rather than merely survive. This touching story will inspire you to overcome your difficulties and experience your own freedom and joy as you learn to forgive when everything in you screams for revenge.



FRIENDSHIP: When It's Easy and When It's Not

Let's face it, everyone wants friends, but some individuals just don't make it easy! Friendship: When It's Easy and When It's Not focuses on the different types of individuals in our lives: the sunny friends who encourage us, the negative friends who drain our energy, the critical friends who steal our confidence, the hurting friends seeking answers we can't give, those incessant talkers who won't let us get a word in edgewise, and what about ex-relatives? Can we remain friends with them? What if we don't like ourselves? Can we become better friends with us? This "where the rubber meets the road" will help you discover answers. Author Kitty Chappell interviewed countless individuals who had much to offer on this timely topic. Their enthusiastically candid responses and nuggets of wisdom helped make this book the delightful and helpful read that it is.