Mike Speakman

Mike Speakman, L.I.S.A.C. is a licensed substance abuse counselor working in rehab centers since 1988. In 2006, Mike started a support group for parents called PAL, (Parents of Addicted Loved ones). PAL grew from the need to provide continuing education and support specifically tailored to help parents who were trying to save a son or daughter from drug addiction or alcoholism.

Since that first meeting in 2006, PAL has grown to 17 meeting locations in Arizona and two in Indiana. PAL offers realistic hope to parents and spouses struggling with the complex challenges of trying to help a hurting loved one. (See the PAL story at www.palgroup.org).

Mike is presently on staff at Calvary Addiction Recovery Center, an affordable faith-based Treatment Center for substance abuse and problem gambling. In his private practice, Mike provides focused family coaching sessions and can be reached at mike@mikespeakman.com.

Synopsis: The Four Seasons of Recovery

There is no other human relationship like that between a parent and a child. Even though parents have the  most power and influence over their children, when addiction enters the picture, the situation mysteriously reverses. Now the child is in the driver’s seat.

Why does this happen? How does this happen? And most important, what can be done about it? This book provides clear understanding of what you can do to best help your adult child and yourself.

This book is about hope, realistic hope. The problem of addiction is pervasive and it is challenging, but with new information and insight, it can be faced and resolved.


Synopsis: The "Healthy Expressions of Anger" Workbook

A self-study Anger Education workbook. Only a small percentage of people need Anger Management Training, but virtually anyone could benefit from Anger Education. That’s because everyone at times gets angry, frustrated, upset, disappointed etc. Or may have to deal with someone who does experience those feelings.
Anger is Energy: Even though studies show that anger is the most common of human emotions, our society lacks even the most basic education about anger and the energy that anger (automatically) brings with it. What do you do with that energy? With education, it can be channeled in healthy, constructive  ways. Without new knowledge, that energy might be used in habitual, unhealthy ways.
Multiple Ways to Use: This self-study workbook provides you with new knowledge and a better understanding of anger plus tools for using it in in a constructive manner. In order to gain more insight about anger, it is not necessary that you complete the simple exercises in this workbook. However, if you put the extra effort into completing the exercises, you will be rewarded with a much deeper understanding of this vitally important subject.
Learn Together: If you want the best possible learning experience, find a study-partner (a relative or friend who also wants more understanding about anger, or wants to help you in your learning experience). A counselor or life coach can also be your study-partner. As you read together, you and your study-partner will also complete the same exercises in the workbook. There are two of each exercise for that purpose.