Renée Belisle

Renée Belisle CPO® is the founder of Clutter Rehab, LLC, an Arizona-based firm providing residential, individual, and business organizing services. Her expertise in organization and productivity make her a sought after speaker to large and small groups. As a Certified Professional Organizer she has worked with many clients to help them get control of their disorganization. During the process she enjoys seeing the “AHA” moment when an individual identifies the root cause of the issue and overcomes it once and for all. She has seen relationships improve, careers advance, revenue improve, and personal growth all come about as a result of getting organized.

Lessons from a Clutter Therapist

Take Action Now!

Most people like the thought of being organized, but when it comes right down to doing it, they freeze up. In essence though, by not taking action, they have decided to continue to live a disorganized, chaotic life. Certified Professional Organizer® and Productivity Consultant, Renée Belisle, works with many clients who have this block. The big surprise to many clients is that they are not the only person like this, or that this is not the worst situation ever encountered.

Lessons From A Clutter Therapist captures:

•   Real life scenarios
•   Before and after pictures from actual projects
•   Useful tips for you to put to use in your own organizing project
•   Valuable lessons learned by the author from her clients

No matter what level of disorganization you may be at, you will likely see  yourself somewhere in the pages of this book. Renée Belisle hopes to inspire others to gain control over every aspect of their lives—their physical spaces, their time, the goals they set for themselves, and their finances—thereby realizing the rewards of being organized and clutter-free. Take that first step now and learn your own lessons along the way.


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