Rita Young Allen

Rita Young Allen is an award-winning vocalist, speaker and trainer. Being an educated Southern Belle with the strength of a Steel Magnolia, Rita has influenced countless thousands of lives, both personally and professionally. Her education includes two Masters Degrees in the realms of Healthcare Administration and Liberal Arts. She has journeyed from Sand Mountain, Alabama to Carnegie Hall, and her presentations are unforgettable and life-changing!

From 1982 to 2006, Rita was the director of her own performing arts school teaching private voice, public speaking, leadership, personal development, wellness, motivation, stage presence and stress/anger management. She has trained hundreds, from ages 6 to 90, from all walks of life. Rita's company captured 35%+ of the market share for over ten years. She designed and directed yearly revues with casts of up to 120 including singing, speaking, dancing and drama! Numerous years she performed at Carnegie Hall in New York with her choirs. She is a recognized performer both on stage and screen, with 442 videos on YouTube. Rita has strong business management credentials, excellent presentation skills and charismatic ability which can carry the heart and mind to uncharted territory. She is Past President of the National Speakers Association for the state of Alabama, has been a featured soloist for their national convention, and a featured writer in their international magazine.

Rita’s leadership and marketing skills have also carried her to great success in the Retirement Community Industry. Because the Baby Boom generation is coming to the Retirement Industry with unmitigated power, she has spent the last seven years in research and employment in this industry. Her advice for someone seeking life in a retirement community is priceless.

She loves a challenge, cherishes adventure and has no problem climbing every mountain!

The Sheaf Dreamer

To understand and walk in true light and love is the essence of peace, the fulfillment of dreams and the path to authentic living. We have been lied to, but not always on purpose. Great teachers and thought leaders of this spiritual path are few and far between. Mediocre teachers are abundant. From the foundations of the world we were all meant to experience transcending love, walk in divine light and teach great things, but we have not been taught how. We have been taught the counterfeit that leads to life in the matrix, unchallenged. This counterfeit invades our dream world with fierce passion, leaving us with desperation of helplessness…revisiting us at will. The Sheaf Dreamer will change your life forever....You will learn how to remove your tormenting dreams, live your passion and fully realize why you are put on this earth....It will help lead you into your path of authentic living.


Divine appointment is the most illuminated story teller. This book came to me suddenly and furiously. I put my hands on the keys and what flowed was a mystery, even to me. It is truth encased in fiction; constructed from the deep recesses of my genuine life experiences, spiritual in nature. It is an elaboration on The Good Life, explaining how we each can interpret our own dreams and live the life we dream, with great accuracy. Mr. Joseph Rosenthal is a figment of my imagination, but my supporting life stories are very true. Come go with me on this journey as I share a four-step method to remove your tormenting dreams, a six-step method to remove your children’s tormenting dreams, and simple instruction of how to live the good life.

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