Teri Mello

Teri Mello
is a Professional Certified Coach and relationship Specialist with 25 years of experience teaching others the dynamic of healthy opposite sex relationships.                friendship-ing ... A New Approach to Single Adult Relationships and Companion Workbook  My hope is that friendship-ing first in any relationship will become the new cultural norm for opposite sex relationships, freeing men and women to build healthy, lasting relationships from the start. The objective of this book is to encourage men and women to talk, to discuss issues that need to be figured out and to motivate them to make a difference in their own lives by choosing to do relationships different in the future. It's time to break free of the dating trap. Discover the power of friendship-ing in your life and watch your relationships transform.

If you want something more, something better in your opposite sex relationships, this book is for you! There is an elephant in the room of opposite sex relationships that is creating confusion for single men and women about who the other is, how to meet each other, and how to get to know one another without feeling rejected or getting their hearts involved too soon.friendship-ing…A New Approach to Single Adult Relationships will challenge your personal belief system, provide information about subjects that plague singles that are not being talked about, and introduce a paradigm shift from a dating mentality to friendship-ing. It is a book that will remove the elephant from the room of opposite sex relationships.

friendship-ing: Uncovering What I Really Believe Companion Workbook

Challenging what you believe reveals an understanding of why you do what you do. The key to any change is honest reflection and true discovery. As you read friendship-ing: A New Approach to Single Adult Relationships use friendship-ing: Uncovering What I Really Believe Companion Workbook to record your answers the questions in the book. Uncovering what you really believe about opposite sex relationships is the catalyst to what you want to change in the futurev(if anything), and how will choose to make those changes. Healthy relationships begin with friendship-ing—uncover why it is the best choice for YOU!

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