Vickie Mullins

How this book came to be ... Shelly Reklaitis was a young mother of four children under the age of five when she was told she had about six months to live. Melanoma had returned to take her life.

I knew Shelly through her husband Paul, a business associate and friend. Like so many people who knew the family, I struggled with what I could do to help the Reklaitis family as their lives quickly unraveled.

I put myself in Shelly¹s place and thought about what I might want if I were in her situation. I would want my children to know me and remember me. I would want them to feel connected to me when their memories of me had faded and I was no longer a part of their daily lives. Although I was absent, I would always be a part of them because they could connect with so many characteristics and personal preferences we shared. Shelly wanted it too, so I promised I would make it happen for her.

Shelly was the inspiration for I Want You To Know Me .... Love Mom & Dad. My promise to her is complete, her children have her answers. They will know she was graceful, neat, loved Christmas, was a morning person, had freckles everywhere, and so on and so on. They will always be able to connect with their mom.

When friends and associates heard the story about Shelly, many suggested a similar book to share with grandparents. They, too, were looking for a simple resource that would hold the threads to weave the fabric that makes up their families. In response to their requests, a Grandma & Grandpa couples version was published. The family of books was completed with an individual book for a Mom, for a Dad, for a Grandma or a Grandpa,ß for someone in the military and a generic book for anyone.